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April 2019 Calligraphic Month

G.K. on Science & Sports    
April 01 - Session 2019-20 Starts with "HAWAN"
* Hobby classes start: Painting, Arts & craft, Dance, Singing, Personality Development, English Speaking, Knitting, Embroidery, Skating
* More fun in different sports, Yoga &Pranayam
* 10 Days camp of Swimming (Salhawas) Compulsory for all the students with fun and frolic .
April 08:- Pre Primary Fun with Swings & Swimming
Monday Primary Hindi Calligraphy
  Middle Hindi Calligraphy
P.T.M. Sr. Sec. Hindi Calligraphy
April 15:- Pre Primary Hand muscles exercises
Monday Primary Eng. Calligraphy
  Middle Eng. Calligraphy
  Sr. Sec. Eng. Calligraphy
April 22:- Pre Primary Fun with Swimming/Simple race (50M)
Monday Primary Maths Calligraphy (Chart)
  Middle Maths Calligraphy (Chart)
  Sr. Sec. Soft Board Decoration
April 29:- Pre Primary Hand wash Day
Monday Primary Hand wash Day
  Middle Class Decoration
  Sr. Sec. Investiture Ceremony
May-19 Etiquettes Enhancement Month  
  G.K. on Geography  
May 06:-  Pre Primary Eating Habits & Distribution of
    Habit Proformas
Monday Primary Eating Habits & Distribution of
    Habit Proformas
  Middle Wisdom drill & Distribution of
    Habit Proformas
  Sr. Sec. Poster Mrking
May 13:-  Pre Primary Wish to elders
Monday Primary Essay writing 
  Middle How to set the room (Practically)
  Sr. Sec. News Paper Reading  (Practically)
May 20:-  Pre Primary Animation Presentation
Monday Primary Animation Presentation
  Middle Essay writing
  Sr. Sec. Essay writing
May 27 :-     
Monday Pre Primary Swimming Day (Fun)
  Primary Morality Enhancement
  Middle Animation Presentation
  Sr. Sec. Basics of Maths (G.K. Testing)
June 01 to 30th June :  Summer Vacation
Jul-19 Green Earth Month  
  G.K. on Parliament  
July 08 :-  Pre Primary Boat Making & colouring
Monday Primary Solo Song
  Middle Solo Song
  Sr. Sec. Science facts / News paper reading
July 15 :-  Pre Primary Poems on rainy season
Monday Primary Poems on rainy season
  Middle Comedy show
  Sr. Sec. Science of stupids
July 22:- Pre Primary Cut and Paste on rainy season
Monday Primary Cut and Paste on rainy season
  Middle Tree Plantation
  Sr. Sec. Tree Plantation
July 29:- Pre Primary Best out of waste
Monday Primary Best out of waste
  Middle Hindi speech
  Sr. Sec. Basics of Maths
Aug-19 I.Q. Enhancement Month   
  G.K. on External Affairs  
August 05:- Pre Primary Medical Check - Up
Monday Primary Medical Check-up
  Middle Taekwondo Championship
  Sr. Sec. Taekwondo Championship
August 19:- Pre Primary Clay Modaling, Tearing & Pasting
Monday Primary Spell Bee
  Middle Kite Flying / Rakhi Making
  Sr. Sec. Views on morality from expert
August 26:- Pre Primary Story Telling Competition
Monday Primary Story Telling Competition
  Middle English Recitation  
  Sr. Sec. First - Aid
Aug. 28 to Sept. 02   Practical, Activity, ASL, Mapwork Week
SEPT. 2019 Health & Hygienes Month  
  G.K. on Astronomy  
September 02:- Pre Primary Vegetables stamping + Hand Wash Day
Monday Primary Quiz Written
  Middle Speech Comp. on "TEACHER'S DAY" 
  Sr. Sec. Speech Comp. on "TEACHER'S DAY"
September 09:- Pre Primary Poem recitation (Hindi)
Monday Primary Poem Recitation (Hindi)
  Middle Calculation Enhancement 
  Sr. Sec. Quiz (Written) (Sc., Skt. Language)
September 30:- Pre Primary Etiquettes enhancement
Monday Primary Etiquettes enhancement
  Middle Personality Enhancement 
  Sr. Sec. Power Point
OCT. 2019 Book & Dictionary Month  
  G.K. on Logical Reasoning  
October 07:- Pre Primary Sack Race
Monday Primary Ball dance/ Sack Race / Spoon Race
  Middle Mock Parliament  
  Sr. Sec. Inter- house debate competition
October 14:- Pre Primary Ball Dance
Monday Primary Dumble Dance
  Middle Story telling 
  Sr. Sec. Chemistry facts to learn easily by (experts) 
October 17:- Diya Decoration &Rangoli Competition  
October 29 :- Primary Best out of waste 
Tuesday   clothes (Activity)
  Middle Math Quiz 
  Sr. Sec. Math Quiz
NOV. 2019 Career Counseling   
  G.K. on Verbal Reasoning  
November 1:- Annual Sports  
November 04:- Pre Primary Table reciting
Monday Primary Spell well competition Hindi/English
  Middle Spell well competition Hindi/English
  Sr. Sec. Physics facts how to learn easily
    (by experts)
November 11:- Pre Primary Fancy Dress / Musical Chair
Monday Primary Fancy dress / Musical Chair
  Middle Speech on Children's Day
  Sr. Sec. Biology (facts from experts)
November 14:- Children's Day Remembering Chacha Nehru  
November 25:- Pre Primary G.K. Testing
Monday Primary G.K. Testing  
  Middle G.K. Testing  
  Sr. Sec. • Accounts facts by experts
    • Career Counseling by experts
Dec. 2019 Family Literacy Month  
  G.K. on Non - Verbal Reasoning (Fragrance Month)  
December 02:- Monday P.T.M.
December 09:- Monday Practical, Activity, ASL, Mapwork Week
December 25:- Wednesday Christmas
Resolutionary Month/ Complete Revision Month    
January 12:- Distribution Habit Proformas  
February 02 :- P.T.M.  
February 04-09 :- Writing Improvement Week
15-Feb   Grand Perents'  Day
February 11-16 :- * Dues Clearance Week (No dues, if any)
    * Truth Week
    * Critical thinking  Week
    * Word Wisdom week
February 23:- Pre Primary Reading Competition
Saturday Primary Reading Competition
  Middle Spell Well Competition
  Sr. Sec. Revision Time
Note:- These Activities are not Mandatory.    
1st Periodic Test July  
2nd Periodic Test October  
3rd Periodic Test December  
Pre-Board Exam January  
Half Yearly Exam September  
Annual Exam March  
1 ASL & Practical Week - August (English / Hindi)  
2 Practical Lab Work - September & December  
3 Maths Lab Practical - September & December  
4 Map work & Project - September & December  
5 No Dues (Dues Clearance Days) -  
  (a) September 01 to September 10, 2019  
  (b) Feb. 1st to 10th Feb. 2019  
Note : Fees can be submitted in the form of cheques or any on-line mean.