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Transport and Security


The school facilitates safe and secure transport facility which includes a fleet of 14 buses transporting 1425 students to and fro to all stations and to distance places. Well- trained personnel’s drives the bus to designated locations and they are accompanied by conductors who manage the students seating and safe journey. All our buses are equipped with First Aid Safety Equipment, First Aid facility, Camera, speed governors and GPS facility.

Parents who wish to send their children by school bus are required to submit the Transportation Form to the school office before availing the facility with details of boarding station by making respective payments. In case if the parents decide to change the boarding location, prior information should be provided to the school office without affecting your child trips.

HD is committed to provide safe and secure learning environment for all the children in the school.

To ensure the safety and security of children:-

The school takes utmost care in maintaining high standards of hygiene in school premises.
The school campuses are monitored with CCTV cameras which vigilantly monitors the entire campus.
No visitors are allowed to enter the premises without proper verification and identification.
Ex-army personnel’s guard the campus 24/7 as per the rules and guidelines.


CCTV Surveillance
CCTV is now being used to reduce bullying by placing cameras at strategic locations. When an incident occurs, a teacher can review the footage and identify the culprit or culprits.